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These SMS Texting Terms and Conditions are applicable to individuals who have subscribed and expressly consented to receive text messages from WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (“WellCare”) or their affiliates, subsidiaries, employees or agents. These individuals have granted WellCare express permission to send automated text messages to the enrolled mobile phone number(s) through their wireless phone carrier unless and until such permission is revoked in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

WellCare's short codes are:

  • 81056 – for Communication Preferences – Paperless Notifications
  • 29686 – for Medicare Reminders and Benefit Information.  Keywords include: JOIN
  • 59980 – for Medicaid Reminders and Benefit Information.  Keywords include: JOIN

Text messages will vary in frequency, by texting program. As part of enrollment in a WellCare texting program, an individual may contact WellCare for assistance or to request an additional text message that will include relevant contact information by replying “HELP” to the text message received. Additionally, an individual may opt-out of a WellCare texting program by replying “STOP” from their mobile phone. The individual will receive one final confirmation text message from WellCare stating that they will no longer receive text messages from that short code. Text messages will be sent using an automatic dialing system to the mobile phone number provided to us.  

WellCare offers these text message programs to provide information or resources on topics including, but not limited to the following:

  • Operational alerts/reminders such as billing/payment, claims, coverage, digital tools and communication materials, health and wellness tips, medical coverage, medication reminders and health insurance education
  • Health-related information provided is not meant to replace professional medical advice

Operational information provided is valid only at the time the text message is sent and may change at a later time.

Age restrictions apply to texting programs. In order to participate, individuals must be 18 years of age or older and own and control the mobile phone number provided to us. Individuals between the ages of 14 and 18 must have parental consent. Individuals between 14 and 18 years of age who do not have parental consent, or individuals under 14 years of age, must unsubscribe from the texting program.

Individuals must immediately notify WellCare if their mobile phone number changes. WellCare is not liable for any communication or transmission of information via text which occurs as a result of a change to a mobile phone number that is not reported. Using password-protected mobile devices and enabling encryption, if available, is recommended. 

Individuals who have subscribed and expressly consented to receive text messages are not required to agree to the receipt of text messages in order to purchase any product or service from WellCare. Depending on the WellCare texting program that the individual has enrolled in, they may receive marketing messages. WellCare is committed to building user trust and confidence by promoting and complying with the use of business practices that help protect the privacy and the security of the customer and their data.


If individuals are dissatisfied with the texting program or with these Terms and Conditions, their sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue enrollment in the specific texting program.  Individuals who participate in the texting programs offered by WellCare do so at their own risk.

WellCare does not guarantee the successful delivery of text messages. Messages sent via text may not be delivered if the mobile phone number is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of wireless carriers may interfere with message delivery, including the customer's equipment, terrain, and proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather. WellCare will not be liable for losses or damages arising from (a) non-delivery, delayed delivery, or misdirected delivery of a text message; (b) inaccurate or incomplete content in a text message; or (c) use or reliance on the contents of any text message for any purposes.

Messaging and Data rates may be charged by mobile service providers. Content may not be available via all carriers. Participating carriers may include, but are not limited to: Associated Carrier Group (ACG), AT&T Mobility, Boost, ClearSky(RCG), Google Voice, Interop, Open Mobile Puerto Rico, Peerless Network, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile & MetroPCS, Truphone Limited, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile. T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

These Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Florida, without reference to its rules regarding choice of law.

Review our Privacy & Legal information.

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