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Mga Mabilis na Tip para sa Bagong Miyembro

Welcome to Wellcare! As a new member, we want to help you to get the most from your plan. Here are some helpful tips on getting started with your Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.

1. Carry Your Member ID Card.
Show your new member ID card when you go to the doctor or pharmacy (if your plan has drug coverage). You should also show it to any other healthcare providers you visit. 

2. Pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP)
Every member should have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). What is a PCP? A PCP is your personal doctor who helps manage all of your healthcare needs 

3. Review My Plan Benefits
Familiarize yourself with your plan, pharmacy & extra benefits

4. Schedule your Preventive Screenings and Annual Wellness Visits
Annual wellness visits and screenings can help you avoid illness. Both are available at no cost to you. Be sure to schedule these visits with your doctor.

5. Review My Doctors & Providers
Explore the doctors and health care providers that are in network.

  • In your first 90 days with us, schedule your wellness visit with your personal doctor. If you are seeing a new personal doctor, call your last doctor’s office and ask to have your records sent to your new doctor.

6. Activate my Member Account and download your Wellcare+ App
Did you know that you don’t have to wait for your ID card to sign up for your Member Account? To register, you only need your Medicare number, your first and last name and your date of birth. So, go ahead and setup your Member Account and download your Wellcare+ App on your phone or tablet!

Once you are registered, you can download, fax or print a copy of your ID card should you need it before your original ID card arrives in the mail.

• Register/Login to your Wellcare Member Account
• Download your Wellcare+ App today, available in the App Store® and Google Play

7. Use the 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line
Have health questions? Nurses are available for you to call. They are happy to help you. The phone number is on the back of your member ID card.

8. Contact Us if Your Information Changes
Let us know if:

  • Your address needs to be updated
  • Your personal information changes 
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